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Latest Updates and Celebrations at Smile Frederick Orthodontics


Celebrating 6 Years of Excellence with Omar at Smile Frederick Orthodontics!

Today marks a special milestone as we honor Omar for seven years of dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to creating beautiful smiles. His passion for orthodontics and genuine care for our patients have left an indelible mark on our practice.

Omar, your journey with us has been filled with shared victories, countless transformations, and the joy of witnessing confident smiles bloom. Thank you for being an invaluable part of the Smile Frederick family. Here's to many more years of creating stunning smiles and making a positive impact on our patients' lives. Congratulations, Omar, on this remarkable 6-year work anniversary

Celebrating Michelle's Three-Year Anniversary at Smile Frederick Orthodontics

We're thrilled to mark a special milestone as Michelle celebrates three years with Smile Frederick Orthodontics. Michelle's dedication and warm approach have significantly contributed to our patients' positive experiences. Her commitment to excellence and continuous growth make her an invaluable member of our orthodontic family. Here's to Michelle and many more years of shared success and beautiful smiles! Congratulations on this fantastic achievement!

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